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My Unbiased 80 Day Obsession Phase 1 Review

February 23, 2018


Disclosure: This post contains links to my affiliate shopping page with Amazon that I may receive compensation fro


80 day Obsession is Beachbody’s newest workout program that is totally unique in that it’s only available through the Beachbody on Demand streaming service and every day is filmed LIVE. 








Meaning that every single day the cast, Autumn and the Beachbody film crew meet up on set for a workout for a full 80 days. 


There are 3 phases consisting of 4 weeks each, and each week Autumn changes things up!  The first week, we do 2 sets of 15 reps each, the 2nd week is 3 sets of 10 reps, the 3rd week is again 3 sets of 10 reps but each set done consecutively.  The final week is 2 sets of 15 reps done consecutively too.  Then, each phase the exercise lineup is completely changed to keep your body and muscles guessing and growing.  Included in the program are the printable workout calendar, a very detailed meal plan with thorough food lists for each color coded food group/container, starter guide, tracker sheets for weights, weekly motivational and informational videos, a Spotify playlist if you must have music for your workouts besides Autumn chatting the whole time.  Oh yeah---there is NO music or timer bar in these recordings.  In fact, this is the one thing that has made me an absolute fan of this program!  It feels literally like you are working in a small group class with Autumn as our personal trainer each and every day with her encouragement, teaching, training and information.  Finally, this program uses quite a bit of equipment that is all easily available at local stores or Amazon: Resistance loops, floor sliders, a range of weights, a foam roller, a workout mat and of course, the colorful Portion Fix food containers.







At first when I heard about this newest of the new program and watched ALL the hype all over FB and IG from the coaches I follow or that IG helpfully suggests for me to look at their obsession, I was like NO WAY! NOT AGAIN....  I’m so sick of Beachbody pushing out all of these new programs that every coach says is their new favorite complete with stunning Before and After selfies that made the program look like a magic pill….until the next new program comes out and then that is their new favorite.  Just for the record, I am NOT a Beachbody Coach.  Now.  I was a couple of years ago but I just couldn’t get into all the selfies and showing so much skin every day and baring my soul and deepest darkest insecurities and flaws every day, so I ‘failed’.  But that never took away my complete, 100% OBSESSION with everything Beachbody!! 


I was a gym rat until I had kids, then I had zero time for a gym, especially the dark smelly hole that was all the small town we lived in had at the time and so when Beachbody started up with their compelling infomercials, I was all over it!  And that’s when my home workouts became my own personal gym.  Of course, I never got as ripped and awesome as everybody I saw in the post workout ads, but hey….I was definitely “closer that you think” so I kept at it.


Fast forward to 2018 and my husband and I have put back on 15 pounds of the 30 lbs of fat we lost in 2014 from life stress and overindulging in wine and our paleo foods and we were simply ready for a change.  The more I looked over 80 Day Obsession and watched Autumn parade women who hadn’t lost a single scale pound, but their overall body composition had changed from fluffy to ripped, I started getting more interested.  Add to that, my husband and I decided to do a Dry January to contain our wino habits that had started to become a bit excessive and so I decided that 80 Day Obsession with it’s strict schedule of food and workouts would be an amazing way to really cement the massive changes we wanted to make with cutting back our bad habits.  Best. Decision. Ever.


Here’s a breakdown of the workouts we did the last 4 weeks:



Total Body Core: “Work your entire body using compound multi joint exercises designed to challenge your core and maximize strength gains and calorie burn.”  This consists of 5 series (shoulders, back, chest, biceps, triceps) with 3 exercises per series requiring resistance loops and weights. 60min The first time we did this we were like…W..T..F..is going on.  So sore.



Booty: “Target your glutes with isolation exercises designed to help shape a firm, round butt.”  5 series again (glute bridge, quad ped, side lying, standing, moving) with 3 exercises per series using only the Resistance Loops and mat. 60min  Yep.  All those little muscles you never knew were all over your butt will be so sore.



Cardio Core: “This lung busting workout alternates low and high intensity cardio exercises with challenging core moves to enhance endurance, incinerate fat, and sculpt your abs.”  A 40 minute HIIT workout that alternates with ab work using the slides. 40min  Have a towel ready, maybe even a bit of oxygen, because you will be huffing, puffing and sweating buckets.



AAA (Arms, Abs, Ass): “Your arms, abs and Ass are the focus of Autumn’s Triple A workout, which uses weights, resistance loops and strength slides to build muscle and burn the fat that covers it.”  This is a 3 series with 4 exercises per series day using weights, resistance loops and the strength slides.  49min I LOVE this workout, but fighting with the resistance loops can be kind of a pain.



Legs: “Build a leaner, stronger lower body with this challenging legs workout that hits your quads, hams, glutes and calves from every angle.”  This is 3 series with 3 exercises per series using weights.  Yeah---the hardest day all week! 46min  If you’re not a big cusser, well this workout just might change that.



Cardio Flow: "This dynamic endurance workout uses progressively more intense rounds of primary movement patterns to challenge your mind, muscles and stamina."  Basically, about 30 minutes of progressive torture with lots of inch worms. OK, honestly if you didn’t start cursing during Leg Day, you will probably take it up just for Cardio Flow.




You are prompted to either do the Roll and Release or the Stretch and Release and rest and perform self care and watch the Weekly Obsession preparatory video.


The first week was quite a learning curve and experience in pain!  Sticking to timed nutrition that spaces meals out every 2-3 hours and specific eating around a “workout block” takes a bit of time to learn and make work in a normal working day that usually does not revolve around making workout and eating times priority.  The workouts are challenging and comprehensive to make every single little muscle you didn’t know was in your butt and legs sore!  I am part of a Facebook group for this program and I’m getting SO much motivation and encouragement from the group and from Autumn daily in the workouts. 


What I LOVE about this program: 

It’s the REAL DEAL as far as what it takes to change body composition!  This is NOT just a weight loss program and definitely NOT for beginners!!  The workouts require about a full hour of commitment each day and the meal plan is integral for results.  There is a LOT of confusion about which Level people should start their meal plan on, especially when I noticed I was feeling like a stuffed turkey eating in Plan B and actually was putting weight back on and so were pretty much all the women in my group.  Oh---and you’re not supposed to weigh yourself either.  Yeah.  Not going to happen here because I just like to measure things and I’m a Certified Fitpro so I can break rules if I want.  I dropped down to Plan A and decided to try Intermittent Fasting and fasted workouts because I got tired of burping my Preworkout Meal every day.  Gross.  So I eat dinner no later than 8:30pm, workout around 9-10 am and have my first meal, which is the Postworkout snack of a Quest bar and fruit (Recover and fruit with Beachbody supplements) and then have my first Meal by 12:30pm.  The entire day consists of about 4 meals with specific portion container combinations, which I follow too. 



I use the Alarm app on my phone to plan out my day (NO, I'm not OCD enough to come up with this idea, I copied someone else in my group! Well, so I guess that does make me OCD now...oh well):




So far implementing the Intermittent Fasting and fasted workouts, I am seeing the scale go down as it should with this level of workout intensity and fanatic adherence to my specific portions and foods.   



Anywhoo back to the workouts and what I am loving about them.  Autumn warms up for a few minutes, then we get right down to business.  In fact, some days she went so fast I’m glad it wasn’t an actual live class because my foul mouth would have gotten me kicked out!  During the workout, it is so fun to have everyone groan about how sore they are from the previous day’s workout, which is the same one we have all done.  It really makes you feel connected the way watching the same DVD with the same talk etc. day after day doesn’t. The only days I didn’t really drip and pour sweat were Booty and AAA.  They were challenging, just didn’t make me sweat like the rest of the days did.  Autumn does a nice cool down with plenty of stretching.  Pretty much every day, this is what the family room ‘gym’ looks like when my husband and I finish our workouts:



What don’t I like about it?  Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing!! 


My Results:

I am down about 3% bodyfat so far—I started out at 35.9%  on January 7, 2018, and down to 33.6% on February 12, 2018 using my measurements and this online calculator. 


But trust me, it’s not just melting off easily .  I am working my butt off building muscle, eating, resting and taking lots of Epsom Salt baths to help my muscles grow and recover.  Did I mention I'm eating?  In my Facebook group, lots of women have already dropped out of the program due to the intensity, commitment and the fact that this is NOT a quick weight loss program.  In fact, I’ve seen some women really pissed!  I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, so I do understand what Autumn is trying to accomplish with this program and it’s bold.  It’s the type of program a trainer would attempt with clients at a high level of skill and training already, especially with the nutrition part.  I’d rather see people drop out if they’re physically not ready than try this program and get injured.  



 In fact, Autumn’s suggestion of program progression to get physically ready for 80 Day Obsession is this:





I am also a Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified coach, and we call this type and level of meal planning a Level 2, which means a client is ‘All In’ and knowledgeable about sports nutrition for performance and muscle hypertrophy---growth.  I guess I do have one teeny tiny suggestion and that is Autumn has been doing a ton of videos for the coaches in her personal group about the program, results etc. and I wish she would share these on her personal Facebook page for all to see because they really clear up so much confusion for people freaking out that they are gaining on the scale, pants aren’t getting looser etc. 


So to sum up this very long and hopefully thorough enough review, the workouts are long and hit every area of your body, the nutrition is detailed and includes lots of eating every day, every day is a new day of exercises and talk in ‘real time’ with the cast and Autumn making you feel a part of the group every day, every week. There is no music during the workouts, but a Spotify list is available for download and obviously, I’m assuming you know how to listen to your own tunes otherwise.  This is NOT a beginner or weight loss program.  It is a full training and challenging program for intermediate and advanced athletes who are committed to a 3 month intensive workout and nutrition program for a visible body composition change that will happen halfway or later in the program. It is complete with warm ups, cool downs, weekly review and teaching videos, complete nutrition guidance and very encouraging for rest and self care. 


Honestly, I love Autumn as a trainer even more than I ever did now because she is driven and a hard trainer, but funny and so encouraging.  No matter how much I’m making horrid sounding grunts or curses, she acknowledges how hard it is, she is working it too, but to hang in there and we’re almost done.  And you know what?  It works and I am finishing without quitting every day so far for Phase 1.  3 days into Phase 2 and wow---it’s harder, but I feel so much stronger in my core and butt and legs and I am totally hooked.  Stay tuned for my Phase 2 review after these next 4 weeks.  Heck---I might even include a half dressed selfie when a bit more of my muffin melts away!




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