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How to Heal a Damaged Gut

April 24, 2018

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 Let me Set the Stage First


My family and I had our FIRST restaurant meal in a full 12 years of being gluten free, living with Celiac disease and multiple other food intolerances in the Summer of 2017 that did NOT get me and my family sick.  


This is a big deal.  


A YUGE deal.


 Before Celiac diagnosis, we used to eat out.  A lot.  Like 3-4 times a week or more.  We would even go grocery shopping, fill the fridge, and then be so wiped out from that----we would then eat out!  Every holiday, birthday, family get together involved eating out and lots of food.  By the time we got our diagnoses in 2005, we had gotten tired of eating out and feeling so crappy.  Going GF we felt better and continued eating out because it seemed like a pretty easy thing to just educate the wait staff and managers, especially since they seemed eager to help us out.  But by 2007 it was obvious the whole GF diet thing was not working, as we were starting to have lots of symptoms and illnesses not only from eating out, but from the very food we had so carefully bought after scouring labels.


It has been a long, long road of trial and errors, nutritional healing, emotional and energy healing and what my son calls "hoodoo-voodoo" healing.  


You can read the whole background story of how 3 in my family were diagnosed with Celiac Disease, one of us with Non Celiac Gluten Intolerance RIGHT HERE.  It's a long story. 


Celiac + Complications


 But I will say that being exposed for 15 long years to toxic mold in the Circa 1938 house we raised our kids in compounded our health problems exponentially, many of which we are still recovering from YEARS after we walked away from that house.   I didn't actually realize mold was a Root Cause until we moved to a newer, totally mold and must free house and got SO much better.  I was actually shocked to finally realize MOLD was at the root of the majority of our health problems and continuing food intolerance issues.


Our mold problems stemmed from a musty, leaky basement that had water intrusion issues from the start.  Finishing that basement and especially putting down laminate flooring I KNOW created the mold issue in the first place, as that basement never actually smelled musty when we moved into the house.  Then to top that off, the Select Comfort airbed mattress my husband and I bought to solve our back pain issues ended up molding INSIDE and all over the air mattresses and foam interior.  So yeah, we solved the back pain issues but started a horrific cascade of other mysterious health issues that compounded year after year after year that we slept in that bed.  Oh---and the company told me the black mold filling the interior of the mattress was completely harmless.



I'm kind of getting off track to the original thought of this post and that is that WE ATE OUT AND DIDN'T GET SICK!!!  The last time we ate out without getting some crazy reaction like a skin rash that would last a week or waking up in the middle of the night with a numb arm or leg was probably 2010 and before.  Getting 'glutenized' before that involved stomachaches and gut issues like diarrhea and gas, but as the years went on, the symptoms from even a speck of gluten became just flat out crazy and scary!


The Healing Modalities


So I want to briefly cover some of the healing modalities I used to get us to this point.  Because there were a LOT, it was a LOT of work and through it all I still doubted that any healing would take place because some of the things I did are totally unconventional and perhaps some would call weird.


1) GAPS and SCD




October 2012 (A full 7 years after going Gluten Free)  GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) healing diet for 30 days.  With amazing results.  We decided to stay grain free and continue a melding of GAPS and SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) for the next 3 years.  Until we started becoming intolerant to many of the foods we were eating and other symptoms like skin rashes, joint pains, night sweats were coming back. Part of the problem was that I had no idea mold was still causing issues and so when we moved from Mold House, we did not get rid of the things we should have that were carrying mold spores like mattresses, pillows, throw rugs.



2)  AIP



2014-Present AIP (Auto Immune Paleo) healing diet.  This removed nuts, seeds, dairy and nightshades from our diet.  With GREAT results.  As long we didn't vary the brands of ghee, eggs, chicken, beef and didn't eat anything on the 'Bad' list we were fine.  Yeah---it was VERY tough!  







2015 I learned Portion Control and I added in the 9 Cups a Day of colorful fruits, veg and leafy greens from the Wahls Paleo Protocol after the amazing things I learned with my initial Certification in Transformational Nutrition.  Making sure our mitochondria were fully fueled properly was a game changer for sure!  I NEVER knew that Portion Control not only helped with weight loss, but also is the BEST way to balance the daily diet to get all of the necessary nutrients for proper health, healing and natural daily detox. 






Reiki.  As I said before, my son calls this "hoodoo voodoo" healing, but it works!!  Energy healing FTW. 







NAET style healing using The Allergy Kit . Again, this is another "hoodoo voodoo" healing technique based on energy meridians, trapped emotions and blocked energy channels.  But I did it even though it sounded insane and it truly helped a lot.  In fact, I used The Allergy Kit on myself, my daughter and my husband before her wedding and we safely ate a super rich wedding cake and other foods that normally would have destroyed us for days. 






Epsom Salt Baths, Magnesium Flakes with added Borax or Baking Soda 2-3 times a week.  Apparently, most people are extremely low in magnesium that presents in so many symptoms like muscle spasms, heart palpitations and fatigue.  And yes, that is Borax you can buy in the laundry aisle and is very beneficial to health when added to the bath. 






EFT Tapping.  A proven technique to help release tension, PTSD, stress and embedded negative emotions from childhood and life.   







Fasciablasting, Trigger Point Massages and Foam Rolling.  The science shows that these tools help release tight fascia and the toxins stored in the fat and other tissues.  






2014-2017  Essential oils.  This is my favorite brand. We had to STOP these in 2017 after realizing they were actually causing some of the more extreme mast cell type reaction issues due to chronic use that had now caused sensitization.  Hopefully this will ease up as our histamine levels and reactions calm down.





This is THE magic probiotic that has finally helped our guts heal!  It has a full spectrum  with 1/2 TRILLION little healing bugs per dose! 





 You notice how my list is totally NOT food based??  That's because I had to finally come to the realization that our problems were based on MORE than food.  Because literally, no matter what we took out of our diet or what we put in that was supposed to be pure and healing, we weren't healing!  




In fact, the skin condition that was diagnosed as pityriasis rosea in my husband and was supposed to go away within 6 months was not only still going strong after a full year, it was still varying between worse and horrible.  He literally was going crazy with daily itching and couldn't be caught without his tube of cortisone cream.  


We had even stopped all red meat for 6 months because it seemed that was a cause of his skin condition to flare.  Stopping the essential oils has stopped some itching and reactions about 99%!!  This was the biggest shocker and one of the most disappointing because we thought EOs were totally safe and innocuous.  They are NOT and I will not use them again without massive diluting and getting some education on how to use them properly and safely.  




What all this work has proved to me is that we CAN heal.  We will always have Celiac Disease and honestly, I'd rather eat Paleo forever than head down the slippery slope of breads and sugars and all that stuff that quite frankly quickly becomes an unhealthy addiction.  I had sneered every time I heard over the years that the body wants to heal and is actually designed to be self healing.  Because nothing had worked for us.  The key was removing the toxins and foods poisoning our bodies and then gently encouraging healing with healing, whole foods and energy healing techniques.  Tapping into and releasing emotional toxicity was KEY here too!  Like really big.  And actually, I will cover that in another post too.


Getting to the root cause of mystery illness is key, and it can take years actually to find it out.  It takes vigilance and a willingness to go without and live like a hermit sometimes in order to give the body what it needs to not only help you identify what is going on, but gather up the necessary energy to heal and reverse sometimes decades of damage.


Healing can happen!  And my entire family enjoying a meal at a restaurant together for the first time in SO many years was a milestone I was so looking forward to, but didn't even know if it would ever be possible again.



I am so #grateful to know that at this point, perhaps once every 2 weeks or once a month, we don't have to cook every meal at home from scratch---we actually have a place to go to, sit down, and relax and let others cook for us and then serve us.  If you are reading this and dealing with food intolerance issues, you understand 100% what a YUGE deal this is!  



Loving life on the Road to Destination.....Healthy! 












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