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Exercise, like life, is a journey, but Healthy! should be your Destination!
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My name is Katie and I've been a wife for almost 3 decades, I'm a retired homeschool mom to 2 Millennial adults, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, a Primal Health Coach, a nut about Beachbody home workouts and a Celiac/Autoimmune Warrior!
I'm also a self-made Gluten Free/Gut Health expert after living and learning this lifestyle since 2005.  I've found the way of eating, the exercises and the Gut Health supplement that has given me and my family the gift of GREAT health!  
I lost 35 pounds in 2015 at the age of 45 with Stupid Simple workout programs like P-90, T-25 and 21 Day Fix and Stupid Simple nutrition using rainbow colored containers.  I even helped my over-50 husband lose 50 lbs! Thanks to Beachbody, we are currently in the best shape and health of our lives.
My mission is to help inspire and support people in achieving their health and fitness goals, especially if you are stuck, confused or fed up with the weight loss/weight gain cycle. 
I truly want YOU to feel as good as I do and I am sharing with YOU the guidance, support and knowledge I've learned and up to now have only shared with family and close friends.



Juicy Gluten Free Health Tips
Check back often as I share juicy tips and tricks about how to stay healthy and fit while living with Celiac Disease and other autoimmune conditions. 

So let's start with.....

              My Celiac Story

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